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you know what? We all actually just might make it.


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Candy Apple spends most of his time on the Solana blockchain. Many people question the origin of his name; the name is a direct link to his past. Hot rods, backpacking, skating, cool shoes, summer nights and good friends.

Candy dropped out of UCLA two years in when he realized it was a complete waste of time. He learned everything on YouTube and through his friends.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Mrs. Candy Apple. He enjoys reading sci fi novels, writing poetry that no one will read and skating.

He is most proud of his work on Particles and Deadgods.
tell me a funny story ... or a cool memory ... or a neat fact ... oh yeah if you have a question you can ask one too ... but what questions would you have for an artist like me? am i the type of person who would have an answer for anything? probably not. I just decided to keep this section in the website because i like how red it is. it has like a nice contrast with the background. its red. candy apple red.

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